Pronounced “Bone.”

Often when people think soul music they think about Motown. And you bet we have some of that in store for you. But there’s more to soul than just the 60s. Think about all the greats across the decades…

Bobby Caldwell and Bill Weathers. Whitney Houston and Cameo. Sade and Maxi Priest. Jill Scott and Beyoncé. And of course the old masters like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Prince.

We’ve hand selected some great tunes that you’ll know the words to. And a few surprises that you may not have heard in a while.

And that’s not all — bŌn has a tasty topping of some current chart toppers as well.

If there’s a way to serve up rump shaking in a family friendly way, we’ll do it. We’ll get everyone on the floor. You. Your kids. Your grandma. It’s all about the love!